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With Seven West Media's split with Yahoo, 7NEWS and 7's public affairs channels had no web presence. The brief was to create a video led, news experience for all Australians. More than breaking news, with Sport, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Finance. Over 600 journalists in 15+ global newsrooms, creating video news at scale.


Leverage our partner The West's technical infrastructure to rapidly prototype the build. We wanted to use a traditional print format so readers could quickly skim through the headlines to pick the articles they wanted to read first.


Within a few months the site was averaging 600,000+ visitors a day and scored two record days of 950,000+ visitors ranking fifth in the Nielson Report for top news websites in the country. Trends in analytics show this number is on an upward trajectory and our position in the market will only increase.

7news.com.au reaches average daily audience of 613,945 for Nielsen DCR debut

7News climbs 10% for second appearance in Nielsen numbers

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