The absolute opposite of ordinary


The first Maserati Ghibli was designed and unveiled at the Turin Motor show of the 1966. It followed a tradition pioneered by Maserati with the glorious A6 1500 of 1947: it was a grand tourer. That meant it delivered on the promise of glorious style, high-powered luxury and peerless comfort over almost any distance the owner cared to consider. A car imbued, naturally, with our motor racing DNA - a remarkably powerful force. The latest Ghibli embodies the spirit that shaped both the first incarnation of 1966 and Maserati's hunger to innovate, compete and win. That means exclusive luxury, elegant yet and bold design and progressive technology. And, of course, empowering performance.


Cosmetic and performance enhancements make the Maserati Ghibli a statement of defiance for those who demand extraordinary.

To get to the heart of Dawn Black Badge, people can view in an emotive and theatrical story. Expressing the essence of Maserati, the story follows the journeys of a rebellious seeker. The story is shared through a digital experience, and amplified during launch via arresting visuals that ran across global social channels.


| Contracted by BWM Dentsu