Customers love Mitsubishi but they don't love their old site

Mitsubishi has always represented the best of rally driving, each model signifying performance and value, uniting art and technology. They were looking to bring these aspects to life online. Mitsubishi required an experience available on any device, supported revenue generation and acted as an effective reactive and interactive communications platform.


Create a fully responsive website that immerses users into the Mitsubishi experience

The new Mitsubishi site features an understated, simplistic and functional interface that allows the car to be the star of the show, while the 3D photo car configurator brings an engaging element of customisation to the site. With this feature, users can impart their own sense of individuality to the identity of their potential new car by customising a number of core exterior and interior design features.


With the previous site over ten years old and no longer aligned to the brand, the new platform now allows Mitsubishi to develop a strategy that engages online with aspirants and qualified prospects.

Service: Platforms | Contracted by Pollen