There's a unique relationship families have with food on Christmas. Lets create an app that connects customers to Woolworths that provide better ideas for Christmas and tips to make the day easier

Contracted by Pollen Digital, the Woolworths’ Christmas microsite was designed to create buzz and spirit around the Woolworths’ brand over the holiday period. We wanted to give customers recipes and ideas to make Christmas lunch all that more special and that much easier to organise.


Packed with Christmas recipes and choice festive ingredients, Woolworths’ customers can plan their Christmas day lunch quickly and easily. Built on a responsive framework, the Woolworths’ Christmas microsite works on any device from the home computer to your mobile. We created a search for recipes and ingredients and a store finder, as well as sourcing numerous recipes with easy-to-follow videos.


There was a huge uptake of the app up until the Christmas period and the app gave Woolworths an edge over its competitors.

Woolworths' Christmas ad campaign hits the spot

| Contracted by Pollen